RESET™ Air Accredited Data Provider

QLEAR’s platform provides an easy way to access all your building’s metrics and intelligence. As an integrated indoor environmental quality (IEQ) management system, data is collected, organized, and analyzed in real-time from air, electricity and other readily available monitors or sensors. By adding intelligence and analytics, QLEAR allows you to better understand your indoor data, so you can make informed decisions to create healthy, sustainable spaces with impact ranging from higher staff retention to improved customer acquisition.

QLEAR is a RESET™ Accredited Data Provider.

gams is a smart indoor environment quality (IEQ) monitoring and management platform that ensures data driven decision making for your indoor environment. Getting you from data to knowledge to action, gams platform gathers measurement from sensors ( air, filtration, HVAC, energy and more ), provides real-time data and drives ad hoc analysis, anytime, anywhere, on the go or in your office. Reports and alerts are automatically generated to your requirements, empowering you to make the right decisions. All your spaces are managed on one dashboard. Turning data into agile building management, our proprietary environment forecasting engine brings unrivaled smart automation to your buildings.

gams is a RESET™ Accredited Data Provider.

OurAir Digital Platform is based on a KNOW, IMPROVE and MANAGE approach, where we provide healthy air solutions for indoor spaces combining cutting-edge digital innovation, world-leading filtration expertise, engineering innovation and a deep commitment to the well-being of our customers.

Our cloud-based digital platform provides an in-depth dashboard, giving an overview of your real-time indoor and outdoor air quality data and device performance, and working seamlessly with the OurAir range of air quality monitors. It continuously optimises your indoor air quality performance through advanced data analytics and smart algorithm control. In addition, our system enables predictive maintenance where you are able to proactively take preventive measures through our notification system, even on-the-go, through the OurAir App. This empowers you to make timely, informed decisions, creating healthier and greener spaces.

OurAir Digital Platform is a RESET™ Accredited Data Provider.

The Awair Business suite includes the Awair Omni monitor and the Awair Dashboard as an end-to-end solution for air quality projects. The Awair Dashboard is a secure and reliable data platform that is designed for easy setup and use.

Access to the Dashboard includes a robust set of features, including Floor Plan view, CSV exporting, tracking metrics over time, real-time displays, advanced email Alerting, sensor management, developer APIs, and more.

Get in touch to learn more or receive a demo, and see if Awair is the right solution for your indoor environmental monitoring needs.

The Awair Dashboard is a RESET™ Accredited Data Provider.

AUROS Group's integrated data monitoring and management platform provides a secure and simple way to access your commercial building’s RESET Air indoor air quality in real-time and with context. The AUROS360 solution provides actionable building performance insight using proprietary technology to show real time performance against simulated dynamic and static goals. AUROS360 is a single-pane of glass solution for indoor air quality and the entire building operational network. AUROS360 also offers value added capabilities to integrate whole-building simulations with actual trends to drive optimum performance levels. AUROS360 not only measures what is; we use digital replicas to determine what's possible in terms of whole building performance and occupant experience.

AUROS360 is a RESET Air Accredited Data Provider.

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