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RESET® Data Provider Process

RESET Accredited Data Providers are software data platforms that host the data from air quality monitors and are required for RESET Projects pursuing any accreditation or certification.

This page provides details for the RESET Data Provider accreditation process.

For more information on RESET Data Providers in general, click here.

To see a list of current RESET Data Providers, you can find them at the RESET Data Provider Directory.

If you are interested in accrediting your data platform, please send us an email at info[at]reset.build.

1. Getting Started and Requirements

The requirements for a RESET Accredited Data Provider includes:

  • Data for RESET Projects to be collected and compiled into 30-minute averages and then pushed to the RESET Cloud for auditing.
  • Allowing RESET to use the data from RESET Projects for analysis and for clients to download.
  • Demonstrating a way for users to view the data.
  • Making sure that the data is free from any forms of tampering.

2. Accreditation Process

The accreditation process involves four simple steps:

1. Registration and Agreement

Registration involves filling out a specifications document and then signing an agreement and emailing it to us at info[at]reset.build.

  1. RESET Accredited Data Provider Specifications document, available in the downloads section.
  2. Provide a logo of the Data Provider in .png format, preferably larger than 500x500.
  3. Provide a 2-5 screenshots of the Data Provider interface.
  4. Sign the RESET Accredited Data Provider Agreement, available in the downloads section, agreeing that you fulfill all the Basic Requirements listed in the RESET Standard for Accredited Data Providers.

2. Invoice and Payment

Before access to development, we will require the first-year payment in full. The starting month will be the month of development access or payment, whichever occurs first. Please refer to the pricing section for the required fees.

3. API Connection

The data provider now needs to connect their data platform to the RESET Cloud. API documentation can be found at https://doc.reset.build/providers/v2.

The RESET Development Team will provide a client_id and client_secret to give your data platform access. The RESET Development Team will help with questions relating to connecting the data provider to the RESET Cloud.

Please note that the RESET Development Team is here to provide support. A competent software development team is expected on the data provider side. In regards to support, data provider teams can typically expect a reply within 24 hours on business days.

4. Data Check

The final step before accreditation is a sanity check, performed to make sure that the data is being sent correctly and the 30-minute averaging calculations are correct.

5. Data Provider Accreditation

Once all the above is done with the API connection verified, the data provider is officially accredited and will be listed on the RESET website in the Data Provider Directory.

3. Connecting to the RESET Cloud via API

The following lists out the steps to connecting a data provider to the RESET Cloud via API. Access to the Data Provider Dashboard is made available after receiving payment.

1. Obtain client_id and client_secret

Login to the Data Provider Dashboard: https://reset.build/developers/sign-in. There, you will be able to see your client_id and client_secret, which is necessary for the API calls.

2. Send a message via the RESET API

Once you have the client_id and client_secret, you have all the information you need to send test data to the RESET Cloud. The goal is to successfully push monitoring data to RESET.

API Documentation is available here: https://doc.reset.build/providers/v2.

You can also find sample code for connecting to the RESET Cloud via socket.io here: https://github.com/rdd-giga/reset-socket-example

3. Test and verify if data is successfully pushed to the RESET Cloud

In the Data Provider Dashboard (https://reset.build/developers/sign-in), monitor data pushed by the data provider is displayed. It can be used to test and confirm that the data has been updated.

4. Data Check - Verify the accuracy of the data

A check comparing the raw data vs the averaged numbers will be performed to verify that there is nothing wrong with the averaging algorithms.

The Data Check requires the submission of at least 48 hours of raw data for 2 or more monitors and consists of the following:

  1. Confirm Timezone
    Make sure to include timezone data in raw data submission
  2. Confirm 30-minute average is correct
    Raw data should match the 30-minute averaged data submitted to the RESET Cloud, where the 30-minute average consists of data before (i.e. For 6:30's 30-minute average, the raw data should have a timestamp of 6:00 < 30-minute average ≤ 6:30)
  3. Confirm decimal places and rounding is correct
    Submitted data should have no more than 3 decimal places, rounded normally (i.e. 3.14159 --> 3.142)
  4. Confirm naming convention for Connection ID
    Describe the rule for how the Connection ID is named. Recommendation is to use 2-3 letters to represent your platform along with the serial ID of the monitor.
  5. Confirm Push Frequency (and Push time)
    State whether the platform will be pushing every 30 minutes, every hour, or every 24 hours. For 24 hours, state expected push time, including timezone.

4. Pricing

There are two fees involved with becoming a RESET Accredited Data Provider. The first fee is the one-time initiation fee, or setup fee. This is the fee for the initial support provided to get the data provider connected via API.

The second fee is the annual maintenance and support fee, used to maintain the connection and provide on-going support.

The initiation fee for a RESET Accredited Data Provider is $3,000 USD with an annual fee of $2,000 USD, tax included.

Year 1Year 2Year 3...n
Initiation Fee$3,000 USD--
Annual Fee$2,000 USD$2,000 USD$2,000 USD
Total$5,000 USD$2,000 USD$2,000 USD

Therefore, the fee for a RESET Accredited Data Provider is $5,000 USD for the first year and $2,000 USD annually thereafter.

5. Downloadable Documents

The following are downloadable documents for RESET Data Provider accreditation:

  1. Data Provider Application Documentation
  2. Sample Data Provider Agreement
  3. Download the RESET Standard for Accredited Data Provider PDF