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RESET® Professionals (AP)

RESET Accredited Professionals, widely known as RESET APs, are expert advisors trained in the RESET Standards who provide this knowledge to project teams pursuing RESET.

Champions of the RESET Standards and certification program, a RESET AP is versed in the RESET Standards and statuses and is responsible for guiding project teams through the entire certification process.

1. Why become a RESET AP?

A RESET AP is required for each RESET Project so that every RESET Project has someone experienced guiding the project. Since RESET provides standardization around monitoring of built environments, service and solution providers who offer consulting or implementation services around monitoring or solutions can greatly benefit from becoming a RESET AP. The standardization also clarifies the requirements and process of monitoring and gives service and solution providers opportunities to add value.

For each standard, there are different benefits to becoming a RESET AP:


Air quality service and solutions providers can build trust with their clients by leveraging RESET Air's monitoring methodology to demonstrate that their solution is performance oriented and will provide real health benefits over the long term.

If the service only includes monitoring and data analytics, RESET Air Certification for the project can be part of the value-add package that can be offered.

To properly offer RESET Air as a service, you should have a RESET AP on your team. Click here to view the list of RESET APs or click here to learn about how to become a RESET AP..

Details for other RESET Standards will be coming soon.

2. Roles & Expectations

The role of a RESET AP is to guide a RESET Project through the project accreditation process.

RESET APs are expected to understand the RESET Standard and how to implement it in both Commercial Interiors and Core & Shell typologies.

3. How do I become a RESET Accredited Professional?

RESET AP Processes for each RESET Standard will be different.

Please click the relevant link below for more information on the process and pricing of becoming a RESET AP for the associated RESET Standard.

Learn about the process for becoming a RESET Air AP.

Details for other RESET Standards will be coming soon..

4. FAQ

Check out the RESET AP FAQ and if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us by emailing us at info[at]reset.build.