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RESET® AP (Accredited Professionals) FAQ

Welcome to the FAQ section for RESET APs (Accredited Professionals).

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RESET does not have any specific title requirements in order to become an AP.
A RESET AP performing the Site Audit must be unaffiliated with the RESET AP responsible for a project. That means they cannot be the same person, nor from the same company.
The RESET AP for a Site Audit will be assigned by RESET. The minimum requirement for a RESET Auditor is that they have already been responsible for implementing project.

Due to COVID, RESET has been doing Site Audits for Commercial Interior projects via video calls with the RESET internal team.
The commissioning report is currently not required. The new requirements can be found here: https://reset.build/standard/air/process .
In general, we would say it takes about 8-10 hours. The actual work is quite simple, probably 2-3 hours. The time consuming part is the communication, including getting information on the project from the project team and communicating with RESET and using the RESET Cloud to update all the information.

Note that this is just the time for being the AP. Doing research on what products to use, how to get everything installed from a connectivity perspective, helping the client source a renovations team to install everything, etc. all take time and I have not included that in the above estimate.
APs are free to set their hourly rate. We do not have a standardized amount. Some companies who sell air solutions or other services sometimes includes AP work in the product or service fees without making it a visible item. For project consultants, you would need to charge a fee to help them manage the process.

For calculations on how much RESET charges for a RESET Air project, you can use this calculator: https://www.reset.build/programs/projects/air/price.