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Welcome to the Resources section, where we host miscellaneous content that is related to RESET®Welcome to the Resources section, where we host miscellaneous content that is related to

1. RESET Indexes and Formulas

RESET Indexes are indexes that take into account multiple considerations and reflects the results back in one, easy to understand, number.

RESET Air Index

The RESET Air Index is an index for communicating indoor environment quality based on concentrations of multiple types of pollutants, including PM2.5, CO2, and TVOC.

Click here to learn more about the RESET Air Index.

RESET Viral Index

The RESET Viral Index is a building optimization index that reflects the optimal indoor air quality environment to limit airborne viral transmissions and expresses it in one number.

Click here to learn more about the RESET Viral Index.

Formula - Days of Life Gained

Days of Life Gained is a formula that estimates the potential health improvement of having access to clean indoor air based on PM2.5 values.

Click here to learn more about Days of Life Gained.

If you have any questions on how to leverage RESET Indexes, please reach out to us at info[at]reset.build.

3. Marketing Collateral

Below is a list of marketing collateral for our APs and partners, including introduction decks and logos.


Download RESET Deck - Introduction
Download RESET Deck - Materials Intro
Download RESET Deck - Air Intro
Download RESET Deck - Water Introduction
Download RESET Deck - Energy Introduction
Download RESET Deck - Circularity Introduction
Download RESET Deck - Case Studies

RESET One-Pagers

Download RESET Intro One-Pager
Download RESET Air One-Pager


Download RESET Logo - Black (png)
Download RESET Logo - Black (svg)
Download RESET Logo - White (png)

For examples of how projects use the RESET logo, please check out RESET Projects Process: Certificates, Plaques, and Award Ceremonies.

4. RESET in the Media

List of RESET mentions in the media:

2022/12/22ebmpapst: RESET for the moveLink
2022/12/07 Sensirion: RESET Viral Index: From sensor data to actionable insight w/ Stanton Wong Link
2022/10/24 Cohesion: How to Leverage ESG for Long-Term Value in Commercial Real Estate Link
2022/05/23 WorkInMind: China's Efforts to Improve Wellness & Sustainability - a snapshot view Link
2022/03/01IAQA Australia: Lunch & Learn #12. The RESET Standard w/ Stanton WongLink (Vimeo)
2021/10/04Air Summit: An Introduction to RESET w/ Stanton WongYoutube
2021/09/29PR Newswire: Sterling Bay Achieves RESET Air At Three Chicago Office Properties, Raising The Bar For Indoor Air Quality And Tenant HealthLink
2021/09/23Praktisk Proptech Podcast: RESET Air with Stanton WongLink
2021/09/01Chief Engineer: Sterling Bay Weighs the Advantages of RESETDigital Magazine
2021/08/26uHoo Webinar: Beyond Compliance 2: How Certifications Promote Health, Wellness and SustainabilityYoutube
2021/08/25The New York Times - Offices Dangle Beehives and Garden Plots to Coax Workers BackLink
2021/08/19 Switch Automation Webinar - Leveraging RESET® for Healthy and Sustainable Buildings w/ Stanton Wong Youtube
2021/04/20 Forbes - Founder And CEO Of GIGA, Raefer Wallis, On Building Healthier Environments Link
2021/04/16green & healthy places Podcast: 019 RESET Healthy BuildingsLink
2021/03/04 IFMA NYC Webinar — Introduction to RESET - Part #2 Case Studies Youtube
2021/02/25IFMA NYC Webinar — Introduction to the RESET StandardYoutube
2021/02/09 Kaiterra Webinar - Better Data, Better Decisions: A Conversation With RESET on Sensor Data Quality Link
2021/02/01 Positive Energy Podcasts - Indoor Data Quality w/ Anjanette Green, RESET Link
2020/11/17 PropTech Challenge 2020 w/ REBNY - Operations Buildings & Wellness w/ John Gilbert, Rudin; Ron Victor, Iotium; Steven Sperry, Minnow; Stanton Wong, RESET Youtube
2020/11/10 JLL Perspectives Podcast - #15 Wellness: Why you can't claim it if you don't measure it, with Andrew Cole, Lendlease; Raefer Wallis, RESET; Matt Clifford, JLL Spotify
2020/11/10 Build A Healthier Life Podcast - Why a healthy home was the only option with Alana Apple
2020/10/13 JLL Podcast - How much do you know about the air you're breathing? w/ Raefer Wallis Link
2020/10/08WorkInMind - COVID-19: Is your building ripe for infection?Link
2020/08/24 JLL Views - How technology could shape the future of commercial real estate Link
2020/07/14Realcomm E-Learning Series Webinar - "Who Owns Your Data?"Link
2020/07/09 Architect Magazine - Re-envisioning Office Design During and After COVID-19 Link
2020/07/01PropertyShe Podcast w/ Raefer Wallis, CEO of RESETLink
2020/06/243pTheory Podcast w/ Stanton Wong, President of RESETLink
2020/06/02BBP - Savills Proves the Power of Technology to Improve Air Quality in Existing BuildingsLink
2020/04/22Fifth Wall's Fly on the Wall Ep. 3: Raefer Wallis, GIGA + Brendan Wallace, Fifth WallYoutube
2020/04/13 Fast Company - Our offices will never be the same after COVID-19. Here's what they could look like Link
2020/03/30Gensler - Redefining Wellness in the Face of PandemicLink
2020/03/12 Property Week - Air quality moves up the list of office tenant requirements Link
2019/11/25 WorkInMind - Shanghai building achieves RESET Core and Shell V2.0 Certification Link
2019/07/16 WorkInMind - Pollution: Why internal air quality is critical for business Link
2019/04/22 The Globe and Mail - Canadian architect living in China hailed as 'guiding light' in the pursuit of healthier buildings Link
2018/04/29Earth Day Network in partnership with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and U.S. Department of State, Announces Earth Challenge 2020, a Citizen Science InitiativeLink
2018/03/27The Guardian - How clean indoor air is becoming China's latest luxury must-haveLink
2017/10/08 The Wall Street Journal - Why Office Buildings Should Run Like Spaceships Link
2012/06/21Raefer Wallis: Green architecture that regeneratesYoutube

5. RESET Project Statistics

Statistics on how many projects there are per country and per status.

Projects by Country/Region

A table on how many projects there are per country/region.

United States564115
United Kingdom17512
Hong Kong15141
Korea, Republic of321
United Arab Emirates220
Viet Nam110

Projects by Status

A table on how many projects there are per their current status.

RESET Pre-Accredited936
RESET Accredited28208
RESET Certified553223

6. SDGs

RESET's mission is closely aligned with that of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Click here to learn more.

7. FAQs

We have received a lot of questions in regards to RESET and have started compiling them. Please browse the FAQ page for questions that others have asked.

Click here to view the FAQ page.