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RESET® Air Projects - Accreditation Process

RESET rethinks project certification from the inside out - making it simpler, more intuitive and cost effective - one measurable step at a time. RESET Air Certification is awarded to projects whose real-time air quality data meets the RESET Air Standard and have passed the required audits.

Download the RESET Air Certification Process for Commercial Interiors PDF.

Download the RESET Air Certification Process for Core & Shell PDF.

1. Introduction

The RESET Air Project Certification process can be divided into 5 phases:

  1. Project Registration
  2. Documentation Audit
  3. Site Audit
  4. Data Audit
  5. Maintaining Certification

The following content goes into specifics for each of these phases.

2. Project Registration

The first step towards RESET Air Project Certification is registration. Registration includes the project’s basic information, terms and service agreements, and payment.

The registration process is as follows:

  1. Go to https://cloud.reset.build/.
  2. Login or sign up if you don’t have an account.
  3. Register a project.
  4. Fill in registration information and submit project boundary floor plans.
  5. Receive registration acknowledgement and pricing.
  6. Submit payment to begin the Documentation Audit and Site Audit Process.
  7. Receive confirmation for completed Registration.

Please note that the preparation and submittal of project documents and performance data must be managed by a RESET Accredited Professional (AP). The RESET AP will also be responsible for all certification-related communication between the project owner and GIGA during the certification review process. Click here to see the directory of RESET APs.

Projects that have registered must make the full payment of the certification fee within 30 days after signing the registration agreement.

3. Documentation Audit

Documentation Audit (referred to as Pre-deployment Documentation Review in the Certification Process PDFs) ensures that a project's proposed monitor deployment strategy meets the intent of RESET Air. Passing the Documentation Audit is recommended prior to executing monitor deployment in a project.

The Documentation Audit process is as follows:

  1. Go to https://cloud.reset.build/.
  2. In the Documentation Audit section, upload the required information.
  3. Submit to be reviewed.
  4. Receive Status on whether or not the Documentation Audit passed or failed. Projects are allowed a maximum of two submissions for Pass/Fail verification from RESET for the Documentation Audit.

The following information is required for Documentation Audit:

Monitor and Data Provider

  • Monitor Information

    Specification sheet(s) for all monitors deployed on the project, including manufacturer name, product name, and product model number/SKU. Monitors must be a Grade A or Grade B RESET Air Accredited Monitor. For more information, please refer to the RESET Air Accredited Monitors Standard (Section 2.6).

  • Data Provider Information

    Name of the data provider that will be utilized on the project. The data provider must be a RESET Air Accredited Data Provider. For more information, please refer to the RESET Air Accredited Data Provider Standard (Section 2.8).

Documentation Specific For Commercial Interiors

  • Calculating Monitor Deployment

    A brief, yet detailed statement, to substantiate the methodology used in monitor calculations and deployment, including area calculations demonstrating conformance to acceptable monitor range requirements. The documentation must effectively communicate the function and use of their individual spaces, number of occupants, and any calculations applied to prove that they have met the intent of the RESET Air Standard for Commercial Interiors (Section 2.2).

  • Floor Plans

    Annotated and dimensioned floor plan(s), including partitions, furniture, and millwork, that clearly indicate the project boundary and proposed location and quantity of certified indoor air quality monitors.

  • Reflected Ceiling Plans & MEP Plans

    Annotated and dimensioned reflected ceiling plan(s) and/or MEP plan(s), including locations of fresh air diffusers and returns, recirculation diffusers, and air returns (where applicable). Used to help RESET determine whether the monitor installation location meets RESET requirements.

  • Proof of Air Uniformity (if Applicable)

    Proof of Air Uniformity documentation is required to extend the range of an IAQ monitor beyond the 500 sqm limit.

Documentation Specific For Core & Shell

  • Calculating Monitor Deployment

    Brief, yet detailed statement, to substantiate the subsequent methodologies used in monitor locations, calculations, and deployment. The documentation must effectively communicate the decisions and prove that they have met the intent of the RESET Air Standard for Core & Shell (Section 2.4).

  • Total Air Volume Calculation

    Annotated HVAC/mechanical plans and equipment schedules or specifications used in total air volume calculations.

  • HVAC / Mechanical Plans

    HVAC/Mechanical Plans with in-duct monitor(s) and/or outdoor monitor(s). Plan(s) should clearly indicate proposed location and quantity of certified outdoor and indoor air quality monitor(s). Submission documentation should clearly label air handling unit(s), supply duct(s), pre-filtered air and post-filtered air. Plans must also indicate project boundary.

  • Building Elevation

    Building elevation or HVAC system diagram that provides the building's floor information. The drawing(s) should clearly indicate the project boundary and proposed location and quantity of certified in-duct monitor(s) and outdoor monitor(s).

Upon completion of the Documentation Audit, the project will now be RESET Pre-Accredited.

4. Site Audit

The Site Audit ensures that a project has complied to all the monitor, data provider, and installation requirements for a RESET Air Project. A Site Audit is required after a project has completed installation of monitors according to the approved deployment plan. The Site Audit includes two parts: Documentation and On-Site/Virtual Inspection.

The Site Audit process is as follows:

  1. Go to https://cloud.reset.build/.
  2. Fill in, upload, and submit the Site Audit Documentation.
  3. Site Audit Documentation acknowledgement by RESET.
  4. Arrange and confirm a time for an On-Site/Virtual Inspection.
  5. On-Site/Virtual Inspection.
  6. Site Audit Pass/Fail acknowledgement.

Site Audit Documentation

Site Audit Documentation includes the following:

  • Monitor Information

    List of Serial Numbers of the Monitors installed and verification that the data is being pushed to the RESET Cloud.

  • Monitor Installation Pictures

    Picture(s) of the installed monitor(s) with a reference to its location within the floor plan. These will be used to confirm monitor installation before the site inspection part of the Site Audit.

  • Hours of Occupancy

    Define the days and hours in which the space is regularly occupied. RESET is only reviewing the data during operating hours so the data is representative of the space when it is in use.

  • Project Pictures

    A minimum of one professional picture of the project is required. The picture will be used for showcasing the project publicly on the RESET Website.

The Site Audit consists of an On-Site or Virtual verification performed by a RESET Auditor or a member of the RESET Team, ensuring that all monitors have been installed according to the approved deployment plan and that all the monitors are performing accordingly.

Upon completion of the Site Audit and starting the Data Audit, the project will now be RESET Accredited.

5. Data Audit

The Data Audit involves submitting data to the RESET Cloud. The Data Audit consists of a daily review of performance data sent to the RESET Cloud for compliance with the Standard and eventual certification.

The Data Audit process is as follows:

  1. Connect the project’s RESET Air Accredited Data Provider to the RESET Cloud and confirm that the data is being transferred to the RESET Cloud according to the requirements in RESET Air Accredited Data Provider (Section 2.8).
  2. Go to the project in the RESET Cloud (https://cloud.reset.build/) and select the month to start the Data Audit. The Data Audit will always start at the beginning of a month.
  3. Receive reports every month on the performance of the project according to the RESET Air Methodology for Data Analysis (Section 2.9).

To become certified, the Project needs to demonstrate the ability to maintain air quality parameters within allowable health limits for a period of 3 consecutive months. If the project fails a month during the 3 consecutive months, the project will have to restart the 3 consecutive months.

Upon passing the Data Audit for three consecutive months, the project will now be RESET Certified.

6. Maintaining Certification

RESET Air is a performance-based standard and projects are required to continue an ongoing Data Audit. The ongoing Data Audit ensures that acceptable IAQ results are maintained within thresholds as outlined in the RESET Air Standard.

Requirements for Maintaining Certification

  • Continuous Monitoring via Data Audit

    Continuous monitoring via the Data Audit must be maintained after the initial three months and will be required indefinitely as long as the project wants to remain Certified. Projects are assessed on a monthly basis based on indoor air quality data submitted to the RESET Cloud.

  • Annual Data Audit Fees

    Certification requires an active Data Audit. The Data Audit requires an annual recurring Data Audit fee.

  • Communication and Education

    Hourly data must be made available to project occupants in some form (i.e. publicly available screens, desktop, or mobile app). Non-occupants need not have access to the data. Available data must include PM2.5, CO2, and TVOC, as outlined in the RESET Air Standard (Section 2.2 or Section 2.4).

  • Monitor Performance Check (Optional)

    Monitors are recommended to be checked by a qualified technician annually to make sure that the indoor air quality can maintain performance and accuracy.

Conditions for Certification Revocation

  • Data Failure

    If the project fails to meet acceptable IAQ levels as outlined in the RESET Air Standard for three consecutive months, certification is revoked. If revoked, a project will need to re-certify by passing three consecutive months of reporting to demonstrate that the project is within acceptable air quality thresholds again.

  • Payment Expiration

    If a project fails to pay the annual recurring Data Audit fee, certification will expire.

7. Pricing

Please click the link below to view Project Pricing information. The Project Pricing page includes:

  1. Project Pricing Calculator
  2. Pricing Comparison Table
Go to the RESET Project Pricing page

8. Certificates, Plaques, and Award Ceremonies

Upon the Accreditation or Certification of a project for RESET Air, it is time to celebrate!

There are 3 physical items that you can be used to highlight a RESET Project: Certificates, Plaques, and Stickers. Digitally, the project will be showcased in the RESET Directory, via RESET's Newsletter and Newsroom, and if the project writes a case study, the case study can be reposted as well!

Additional creative and innovative ways to highlight a RESET project are also welcome!


Official digital certificates are awarded to all projects that have attained RESET Certified. Official certificates include the project name, certification type (Commercial Interiors, Core & Shell). All certificates are reviewed and approved by the project team.

Official digital certificates are awarded to all projects that have attained RESET Certified. The digital certificate can be printed by the project team at their discretion, but the content of the certificate must not be altered in any way.

Paper Certificates can be printed and mailed to the project for the cost of shipping. Commercial Interior projects receive two (2) certificates and Core & Shell projects receive five (5) certificates. Additional copies can be sent upon request for an additional fee.


A RESET Plaque is available to all projects that have attained RESET Accredited or Certified status. Constructed of solid glass with polished edges, the RESET plaque is engraved with the RESET logo. The plaque measures 30cm in diameter and is 0.8cm thick. The plaque is $580 USD (includes shipping).


An alternative to a plaque are stickers on glass. Stickers can be easily printed out at your preferred size. To request for a vector image of the RESET logo, please reach out to us at info@reset.build.

Award Ceremonies

For award ceremonies, please reach out to us at info@reset.build to arrange.

Digital Celebration Opportunities

  • RESET Directory

    On the RESET Website, the project will be displayed in the Project Directory with descriptions and pictures.

  • Newsletter

    The project will be highlighted in a “Projects Highlight” piece that goes out in an email newsletter, posted in the RESET Newsroom, and shared on LinkedIn and WeChat.

  • Case Studies

    Projects that have a written Case Study can submit the case study to be published on the RESET Website.

For additional Media Kit content or resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@reset.build.