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RESET® Data Providers

RESET Data Providers are trusted software platforms and data providers that can be used for RESET Projects. RESET Data Providers have connected to the RESET Cloud and fulfill the requirements for the RESET Standard that they support (i.e. For the RESET Air Standard, the requirements outlined in the RESET Air Accredited Data Provider Standard).

1. Why become a RESET Data Provider?

The RESET Data Provider program exists to facilitate the process of getting a RESET Project accredited.

Due to the continuous monitoring requirements for RESET Projects, all RESET Projects must use an accredited data provider to achieve RESET accreditation or certification. RESET Data Providers have already been connected to the RESET Cloud and can provide the data requested for the data audit.

To see a list of current RESET Data Providers, click the link below to go to the RESET Data Provider Directory.

View Directory of RESET Accredited Data Providers.

2. Requirements & Expectations

Here are the basic requirements to becoming a RESET Data Provider:

  • The data provider is allowing RESET to use the data for analysis and for clients to download.
  • The data provider is connected to the RESET Cloud via API.
  • The data provided by the data provider is packaged into 30-minute averages and connected to the RESET Cloud via API.
  • The data provider demonstrates a way for users to view the data.
  • The data provider promises transparency and that the data is free from any forms of tampering.

In addition the the basics above, all RESET Data Providers must comply with the relevant RESET Accredited Data Provider Standard. For example, RESET Data Providers that support the RESET Air Standard must follow the requirements found in the RESET Air Standards - Download Section at #9.

You can find a requirements checklist document for download on the process page.

3. How do I become a RESET Data Provider?

To get your software platform accredited as a RESET Accredited Data Provider, please click the link below for more information on the process and pricing.

Learn about the RESET Data Provider accreditation process