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Fexillon Twin

Fexillon Twin platform is a cross-domain data integrator that combines rich and complex data from a wide variety of sources (BIM, IoT, BMS, etc.) into a consistent Digital Twin model. The ambient intelligence of the Fexillon Twin enables the building services to adapt to the needs and requirement of the people using it, as well improving the building operation & maintenance processes whilst reducing the building running costs.

Supported RESET Standards

Fexillon Twin currently supports the following RESET Standards:

  • RESET Air


• Powered by Microsoft Azure Digital Twins • Immersive building visualization in 3D • Fexillon BIM team to facilitate 2D or 3D building plan import as Digital Twin • Easy to use red-amber-green color coding of sensor readings • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Report and Score • Configurable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) warnings and alerts • Public status pages for individual spaces and entire buildings • Integration with occupancy sensors for reporting and alerting accuracy • Viral survivability and transmission calculation • Get your building certified by Fexillon RESET® Accredited Professionals


Active Markets

Fexillon Twin is currently available in the following markets:

  • Canada
  • European Union
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


Based on the building area and number of sensors.

Supported RESET Air Accredited Monitors

Fexillon Twin currently supports the following RESET Air Accredited Monitors:

Contact Information

sales@fexillon.com for sales enquiries. support@fexillon.com for general enquiries. Regional contact details: IRELAND +353 (0)1 809 7262 dublin@fexillon.com UK - London T: +44 (0)20 3180 5959 london@fexillon.com UK - Glasgow T: +44 (0)14 1295 0333 glasgow@fexillon.com UK - Birmingham T: +44 121 400 1163 birmingham@fexillon.com EU CENTRAL T: +31 (0)2 036 97178 amsterdam@fexillon.com EU NORDICS T: +46 262 801 257 gavle@fexillon.com USA T: +1 843 790 2704 charleston@fexillon.com

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