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RESET AP - Air Training Modules

Welcome to the RESET AP - Air Training Modules. The Training Modules are videos that introduce you to the RESET AIr Standard. We recommend the complete viewing of the modules to be prepared for the on-site technical training and final exam.

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If you are interested in accreditation, you can reach out to us at info[at]reset.build.

Module 1: RESET History & Introduction

Module 2: Mission & Intent

Module 3: The RESET Approach

Module 4: Target Pollutants

Module 5: RESET Air Accredited Monitors

Module 6: RESET Air Accredited Data Providers

Module 7: Solutions, Innovations, and Case Studies

Module 8: Productivity & ROI

Bonus: v2.0 Update Webinar - 2019-02-22

RESET Project Statuses