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Airveda: India’s First RESET Accredited Monitor

October 30th, 2018 17:20


RESET is excited to announce that Airveda’s PM2510CVTH is India’s first  RESET™ Air Accredited IAQ (indoor air quality) monitor. This makes the Airveda monitor, manufactured in India, accredited for use in projects undergoing RESET Air certification for Commercial Interiors.

Further, due to RESET’s recent alignment with the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), the monitor may also be used in WELL projects.

RESET™ classifies monitors as Grade C (Consumer), Grade B (Commercial), and Grade A (Calibration). For a project to undergo RESET certification only Grade A & B monitors are accepted. Airveda’s PM2510CVTH monitor has been accredited as a certified Grade B monitor for use in commercial interior projects.

The Airveda PM2510CVTH monitor measures PM2.5, CO2, TVOC, temperature and humidity. The monitor can be table or wall mounted, is portable and uses Wi-Fi to connect to Airveda’s data platform which can be accessed on a web browser, as well as an app, available for download on both iOS and Android. Airveda monitors are fully manufactured in India. Sensors are calibrated locally to suit Indian conditions and can be locally re-calibrated and/or replaced. For detailed product specifications please visit this link.


With the RESET accreditation for Airveda’s monitor more buildings in India will now be able to accurately monitor their projects’ indoor air quality. This will make them eligible to apply for the RESET™ Air Certification, as well as other green and healthy building certifications.



About GIGA and RESET 


GIGA is an international organization that combines the development of building standards with cloud technology to increase the accessibility and impact of healthy buildings globally. GIGA develops and administers the RESET Standard and Certification Program. RESET is first and foremost a standard for data quality, particularly as it relates to sensor and cloud technology. Find out more here.


GIGA also develops and maintains ORIGIN, the world's leading cloud-based hub of data on buildings materials. Find out more here.


About Airveda


Airveda is committed to a single mission - to help people Breathe Well and Live Well. The company aims to create affordable, accurate and high quality air quality monitors that makes reliable air quality data available to all, so that active steps can be taken to reduce exposure to poor air quality. The team comprises of individuals from diverse backgrounds - electronics, computer science, social science, marketing among others – all of who believe that air pollution is one of the biggest health hazards facing India today and that it can only be addressed if individuals and businesses join hands with the policymakers, to create a better tomorrow for our future generations.

Find out more about Airveda at this link.