Starbucks Shanghai Roastery
China, Shanghai
The Roastery is both a factory and store, creating a rich sensorial experience wherein customers can watch and follow the coffee roasting process while sampling a variety of coffee beans and preparation styles from around the world. To aficionados around the world, Starbucks is known for closely controlling the quality of water used within every brew. This is achieved via standardized filtration throughout all its stores, ensuring the flavor of the beans is true and pure. Within the Shanghai Roastery, the same attention was carried over to air quality. 星巴克烘培工坊既是工厂也是商店,它为客户创造了丰富的感官体验,在此您可以观看咖啡烘焙的过程,同时品鉴来自世界各地的各种咖啡豆和制备方式。对于世界各地的爱好者来说,星巴克以严密控制每个发酵过程中的水质而闻名。这得益于所有星巴克门店采用标准化的过滤流程,以确保咖啡豆纯真的味道。在上海烘焙工坊,同样值得注意的还有其空气质量。

Project ID
Standard Type
Commercial Interior
2787 m²
Space Type
789 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai P.R.C

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