Beijing Schwarzman College
China, Beijing
北京清华大学是全球知名的高等学府之一,自清华大学苏世民书院 (Schwarzman College) 获得RESET™ 空气认证后,清华大学可在其荣誉榜中增加另一项成就:清华大学拥有世界第一座获得RESET™ 空气 商业室内认证的教育机构建筑。清华大学苏世民书院总建筑面积24000平方米,在通过2017年12月开始的为期三个月的性能审核阶段后,于2018年3月6日正式获得RESET™ 空气 商业室内认证。RESET™ 空气 是全球首个基于传感器和性能驱动的建筑标准和认证计划,特别关注建成环境的室内空气质量。 Beijing’s Tsinghua University is notably one of the most advanced, higher-education institutions in the world. Thanks to Schwarzman College, the University can now add another achievement to its list of accolades; the University now boasts the world’s first academic building to achieve RESET™ Air Certification for Commercial Interiors. The 200,000 square foot structure that is Schwarzman College, officially received RESET™ Air Certification for Commercial Interiors in March 2018 after a performance period that began in December of 2017. RESET™ Air is the world’s first sensor-based, performance-driven building certification program and focuses specifically on the quality of indoor air for the built environment.

Project ID
Standard Type
Commercial Interior
24,000 m2 m²
Space Type
Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University, No.30 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District

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