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RESET® Water Projects - Accreditation Process

The RESET Project accreditation process can be divided into 5 phases:

  1. Project Registration
  2. Documentation Audit
  3. Site Audit
  4. Data Audit
  5. Maintaining Certification

The following content goes into specifics for each of these phases.

1. Project Registration

The first step towards RESET Water Project Accreditation is registration. Registration includes the project’s basic information, terms and service agreements, and payment.

The registration process is as follows:

  1. Go to https://cloud.reset.build/.
  2. Login or sign up if you don’t have an account.
  3. Register a project.
  4. Fill in registration information and submit project boundary floor plans.
  5. Receive registration acknowledgement and pricing.
  6. Submit payment to begin the Documentation Audit and Site Audit Process.
  7. Receive confirmation for completed Registration.

Please note that the preparation and submittal of project documents and performance data must be managed by a RESET Accredited Professional (AP). The RESET AP will also be responsible for all certification-related communication between the project owner and GIGA during the certification review process.

The RESET Water AP curriculum is currently in development.

2. Documentation Audit

Documentation Audit (referred to as Pre-deployment Documentation Review in the Certification Process PDFs) ensures that a project's proposed monitor deployment strategy meets the intent of RESET Water. Passing the Documentation Audit is recommended prior to executing monitor deployment in a project.

The Documentation Audit process is as follows:

  1. Go to https://cloud.reset.build/.
  2. In the Documentation Audit section, upload the required information.
  3. Submit to be reviewed.
  4. Receive Status on whether or not the Documentation Audit passed or failed. Projects are allowed a maximum of two submissions for Pass/Fail verification from RESET for the Documentation Audit.

The following information is required for Documentation Audit:

Monitor and Data Provider

  • Monitor Information

    Specification sheet(s) for all monitors deployed on the project, including manufacturer name, product name, and product model number/SKU.

  • Data Provider Information

    Name of the data provider that will be utilized on the project. The data provider must be a RESET Accredited Data Provider.

Documentation Audit for Commercial Interiors and Core & Shell

  • Monitor Deployment Narrative

    A brief, yet detailed narrative describing the water monitoring plan, including details on the space's plumbing plans, pumps, filtration, and other meta information.

  • Floor Plans (and Elevation Plans for Core & Shell)

    Annotated and dimensioned floor plan(s), including partitions, furniture, and millwork, that clearly indicate the project boundary and proposed location of water meters and monitors.

  • Plumbing Drawings & Plans

    Annotated and dimensioned plumbing drawings and plans. Used for auditing and record keeping.

Upon completion of the Documentation Audit, the project will now be RESET Pre-Accredited.

3. Site Audit

The Site Audit ensures that a project has complied to all the monitor, data provider, and installation requirements for a RESET Water Project. A Site Audit is required after a project has completed installation of monitors according to the approved deployment plan. The Site Audit includes two parts: Documentation and On-Site/Virtual Inspection.

The Site Audit process is as follows:

  1. Go to https://cloud.reset.build/.
  2. Fill in, upload, and submit the Site Audit Documentation.
  3. Site Audit Documentation acknowledgement by RESET.
  4. Arrange and confirm a time for an On-Site/Virtual Inspection.
  5. On-Site/Virtual Inspection.
  6. Site Audit Pass/Fail acknowledgement.

Site Audit Documentation

Site Audit Documentation includes the following:

  • Monitor Information

    List of Serial Numbers of the Monitors installed and verification that the data is being pushed to the RESET Cloud.

  • Monitor Installation Pictures

    Picture(s) of the installed monitor(s) with a reference to its location within the floor plan. These will be used to confirm monitor installation before the site inspection part of the Site Audit.

  • Hours of Occupancy

    Define the days and hours in which the space is regularly occupied. RESET uses Hours of Occupancy for benchmarking purposes.

  • Project Pictures

    A minimum of one professional picture of the project is required. The picture will be used for showcasing the project publicly on the RESET Website.

The Site Audit consists of an On-Site or Virtual verification performed by a RESET Auditor or a member of the RESET Team, ensuring that all monitors have been installed according to the approved deployment plan and that all the monitors are performing accordingly.

4. Data Audit

The Data Audit involves submitting data to the RESET Cloud. The Data Audit consists of a daily review of performance data sent to the RESET Cloud for compliance with the Standard.

The Data Audit process is as follows:

  1. Connect the project’s RESET Accredited Data Provider to the RESET Cloud and confirm that the data is being transferred to the RESET Cloud
  2. Go to the project in the RESET Cloud (https://cloud.reset.build/) and select the month to start the Data Audit. The Data Audit will always start at the beginning of a month.
  3. Receive reports every month on the performance and benchmarking analysis of the project.

Upon completion of the Site Audit and starting the Data Audit, the project will now be RESET Accredited.

5. Maintaining Accreditation

RESET Water Projects are required to continue an ongoing Data Audit. The ongoing Data Audit ensures that data is continuously monitored according to the RESET Water Standard.

Requirements for Maintaining Accreditation

  • Continuous Monitoring via Data Audit

    Continuous monitoring via the Data Audit must be maintained indefinitely as long as the project wants to remain Accredited. Projects are assessed and benchmarked on a monthly basis based on the water data submitted to the RESET Cloud.

  • Annual Data Audit Fees

    Accreditation status requires an active Data Audit. The Data Audit requires an annual recurring Data Audit fee. Note that the Data Audit fee encompasses all the Data Audits needed for a project, so it only needs to be paid once when applying multiple RESET Standards to a project.

  • Communication and Education

    Averaged data must be made available to project occupants in some form (i.e. publicly available screens, desktop, or mobile app). Non-occupants need not have access to the data.

Conditions for Certification Revocation

  • Data Missing

    If the project is missing too much data, it is possible for the project's Accredited status to be revoked.

  • Payment Expiration

    If a project fails to pay the annual recurring Data Audit fee, certification will expire.