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RESET® Embodied for Projects and Products

The RESET Embodied Standard is a data-driven standard for evaluating and scoring the carbon, circularity, and health performance of building materials and products in projects. RESET Embodied Standard is currently in Active Pilot Phase and is an update to the RESET Standard. Learn more about the RESET Standard Development and Update process.

This RESET Initiative will focus on the ongoing review and improvement of the standard, piloting the RESET Embodied Standard for:

  • Project Embodied Performance Scoring
  • Product Embodied Performance Scoring

This RESET Initiative is reserved to actual practitioners and will require project owners or product manufacturers to bring a real project or real product for scoring.


This RESET Initiative is currently in the Active Pilot phase.

Projects or Products interested in establishing a RESET Embodied Score can reach out to us at info@reset.build.

1. Introduction

Applications for participation in the RESET Initiative on RESET Embodied for Projects and RESET Embodied for Products are now open.

To participate in the pilot, project owners and/or consultants must have one of the following:

  • Completed a RESET Embodied Project pilot.
  • Registered a RESET Embodied Project.
  • Previous experience in product or project circularity assessment, with the intent to register a RESET Embodied Circularity project within the following 3 months.

Product manufacturers and suppliers must have either:

  • Completed RESET scoring of at least one product.
  • Previous experience in product circularity assessment, with the intent to register a RESET Embodied Product within the following month.

Learn more about the RESET Embodied Standard here.

2. Objective

The objective of this RESET Initiative is to pilot:

  • the RESET Embodied Score for Projects, with real projects
  • the RESET Embodied Score for Products, with real products

The RESET Embodied Score will include a score for at least one of the following:

3. Deliverables

Every RESET Initiative has a set of deliverables that the initiative is committed to completing.

The RESET Initiative for RESET Embodied for Projects will consist of, but not limited to, the following deliverables:

  • RESET Embodied - Project Score
  • RESET Embodied Carbon - Project Score
  • RESET Embodied Circularity - Project Score
  • RESET Embodied Health - Project Score
  • RESET Embodied Project Certificate
  • If reached, Special Target Certificates for Carbon Neutral or Net Zero

The RESET Initiative for RESET Embodied for Products and Materials will consist of, but not limited to, the following deliverables:

  • RESET Embodied - Product Score
  • RESET Embodied Carbon - Product Score
  • RESET Embodied Circularity - Product Score
  • RESET Embodied Health - Product Score
  • Product/Material hosted on ORIGIN Materials Library

4. Funding Tiers and Benefits

There is no official sponsorship program for this initiative. Instead, the initiative is funded by pilot projects.

5. Grant Sponsors

There are no grant sponsors for this initiative. Pilot projects will be listed below once they are made public.

6. Committee

All project leads will be part of the working group committee and can directly provide input to the RESET Embodied Standard and Scoring for Projects and for Products.

7. Timeline

The goal will be to move from the active pilot phase to official status in 2023.