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Tenant Engagement Leaderboard

The Tenant Engagement Leaderboard program leverages data and gamification to incentivize landlords and tenants to work together towards building sustainability.


This RESET Initiative is currently in the Active Pilot phase.

Projects interested in establishing a Tenant Engagement Leaderboard program can reach out to us at info@reset.build.

1. Introduction

Applications for participation in the RESET Initiative for the Tenant Engagement Leaderboard are now open.

To participate in the pilot, project owners must have at least:

  • A commercial building (office or retail) that has a continuous energy monitoring system where the data is accessible.

2. Objective

The objective of this RESET Initiative is to pilot the Tenant Engagement Leaderboard with real projects in preparation for developing the RESET Leaderboard in the RESET Cloud.

3. Deliverables

Every RESET Initiative has a set of deliverables that the initiative is committed to completing.

The RESET Initiative for Tenant Engagement Leaderboard will consist of, but not limited to, the following deliverables:

  • Leaderboard Report for each Tenant
  • Tenant Engagement Communications Protocol with Tenants
  • Create and source a Solution Strategies list for Tenants
  • How to set KPI Targets with Tenants
  • Tailored Marketing Strategies

4. Funding Tiers and Benefits

There is no official sponsorship program for this initiative. Instead, the initiative is funded by pilot projects.

5. Grant Sponsors

There are no grant sponsors for this initiative. Pilot projects will be listed below once they are made public.

6. Committee

All project participants will be part of the working group committee and can directly provide input to the Tenant Engagement Leaderboard.

7. Timeline

The goal will be to move from active pilot phase to official status in 2023.