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Brookfield Launches first RESET Waste-to-Carbon Tracking Program

This pilot project launched by Brookfield fills an important gap in regard to how waste and related carbon footprints can be accurately measured.
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As one of the world's largest landlords and investors in renewable energy, Brookfield is taking another step in making it easier for tenants to measure and lower carbon emissions, by pioneering a digital waste-to-carbon program. The program is a part of the RESET Certified Net-Zero and Carbon Neutral living lab built at One East, and is powered by Akila, a digital twin platform for the built environment.

A Big Opportunity to Reduce Carbon Emissions from Waste

Waste is the largest source of carbon emissions from real-estate operations, after energy consumption. Research and audits show that wet waste in landfill produces large amounts of methane as it decomposes, a gas that is 25x more potent than CO2 in trapping heat in the atmosphere¹. Waste incineration also produces greenhouse gasses, as does the collection and transportation of waste².

Brookfield has implemented the world's first RESET Waste pilot project in order to measure and reduce carbon emissions for both landlords and tenants. Leveraging the RESET Standard enables Brookfield to manage waste in ways that were previously challenging, opening a pathway to directly quantify carbon emissions from waste per tenant, as well as rates of diversion.

Image above: One East by Brookfield

Managing Waste and Quantifying Carbon Emissions

To fulfill the requirements of the RESET Waste Standard, One East deployed Akila building management software.

Akila's electronic IoT scale and software platform digitizes work orders and waste tracking information to identify which tenant or tenant floor the waste originated from. This system digitalizes a manual process, improves data quality, visualizes results, and allows data management on a tenant basis.


Waste Process_ENWebsite.jpg
Image above: Waste management process optimization by the support of Akila


Data collected during the weighing of the waste is categorized and sent directly to Akila's cloud for additional analysis of tenants' performance. Concurrently, data is streamed to the RESET Cloud for third-party auditing and benchmarking. This arrangement makes it feasible to collect accurate waste data; making the automatic calculation of carbon emissions more reliable and actionable.


Image above: Waste dashboard

RESET's approach to waste tracking empowers landlords to anonymously rank and benchmark the performance of each tenant via the RESET Leaderboard, creating an incentive for tenants to decrease their carbon footprint from waste while achieving sustainability targets and environmental reporting requirements.

An Important Milestone

This pilot project with Brookfield and Akila fills an important gap in the measurement of waste and related carbon footprints. The program also sets a more reliable baseline for future projects and individual tenants to benchmark against.

Finally, additional ways to improve the process and reduce waste will be discovered as a byproduct of leading this unprecedented initiative. We celebrate Brookfield and Akila for leading the market on waste and carbon emission reduction.


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