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RESET Project Pricing Update

Project pricing will increase by 5% on July 1st
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Starting on July 1st, RESET Project prices will increase by 5% for new projects. This increase is due to inflation and previous COVID-related tax breaks expiring at the beginning of this year.

Pricing Updates

The primary currency used in RESET Project Pricing is USD, which is what the 5% will be applied to. We have been a little slow in updating currency conversions (the last time we updated was back in 2021). Thus, when updating the currency conversions this time, other currencies might have increases of more than 5% as we get the currency conversions back up to date. Currency conversions will be updated once a quarter after this update.

For all current and active projects, pricing will be grandfathered in, which means that the current prices for annual data audit renewals will not be affected.

If there are any projects that need more time due to already submitted proposals or longer negotiation time horizons, please email us at info@reset.build and we can work with you to accommodate your situation.

Comparing Prices

We have created a page on the RESET website where the new pricing will be reflected so we can compare the current pricing and the new pricing:

Note that the currency conversion will be updated again on July 1st, potentially shifting the pricing slightly.

RESET Pricing for all Operating Standards

Multiple projects have begun doing pilot projects that include multiple Operating Standards, which consist of Air, Water, Energy, and Waste. As mentioned on the website, the RESET Project fees from the Pricing Calculator include the following:

  1. RESET Project Documentation Audit (One time per standard module)

  2. RESET Project Site Audit (One time per standard module)

  3. RESET Cloud Service, including Data Audit and Certification (Annual, all standard modules inclusive)

We wanted to quickly highlight that the RESET Cloud Service annual fee for data audits covers all the operating standard modules, so running the RESET Cloud Service for one operating standard module vs. multiple operating standard modules will cost the same.

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@reset.build.