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Network Control Group

NCG is committed to helping companies tackle the problem of air quality inside of their places of work. We provide a complete managed service that gives companies all of the data they need to make informed decisions about the conditions inside of their buildings. We provide everything from the building’s core internet connectivity up to the individual sensors mounted on the walls and ceilings and we get it all working together. This ensures that air quality and a host of other metrics are available at the touch of a button. Ready to be used to improve the quality of life for those lucky enough to be working in your buildings.

Supported RESET Standards

Network Control Group currently supports the following RESET Standards:

  • RESET Air

Active Markets

Network Control Group is currently available in the following markets:

  • United Kingdom

Supported RESET Air Accredited Monitors

Network Control Group currently supports the following RESET Air Accredited Monitors:

Accreditation Date