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arbnco provides software and hardware to evaluate facility performance to increase building performance for health, efficiency, and occupant comfort. arbnco’s environmental quality measurement and analysis system, arbn well, is based on high-quality, low-cost sensing. It comprises a network of sensors measuring a variety of parameters affecting human health and comfort. This continuous and ubiquitous sensing is supplemented by occupant feedback (collected using the arbn well app), to create a uniquely rich and detailed picture of environmental conditions inside buildings and the satisfaction of occupants. The web platform is designed to highlight actions and alerts. It displays real-time data and summary statistics and allows the user to identify trouble spots, explore likely causes for complaints, view alerts, and change settings. It features: • Data visualisation with informative maps and graphs • Seamless integration with international standards and certifications • Parameter alerts – triggered when a measured parameter, such as temperature or CO2, exceeds a (customisable) threshold • Kiosk functionality to display data to occupants arbnco is a RESET Accredited Data Provider and RESET Accredited Monitor Provider. Users can connect arbnco RESET accredited devices or 3rd party monitors as required through the arbn well platform. We are creating a new way to assess and enhance health and wellbeing in buildings. After all, healthier, happier employees are what every business wants.

Supported RESET Standards

arbnco currently supports the following RESET Standards:

  • RESET Air

Supported RESET Air Accredited Monitors

arbnco currently supports the following RESET Air Accredited Monitors:

Accreditation Date