RESET President: A New Leadership Position to Support Growth

June 10th, 2020 14:00

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Peers,

I am excited to share the creation of a new leadership position within RESET, namely that of President, to be held by Stanton Wong.

Many of you are familiar with Stanton from having interacted with him as Head of Product Development, motivational speaker and/or thought leader. His energy, vision and management skills have enabled RESET to grow into what it is today; an international standard for data quality and assessment platform for building performance. 

I am equally excited by what the creation of this position represents; more people are placing value on the importance of data quality and performance metrics to guide how we build and operate our indoor environments.

Stanton will be guiding RESET into a new stage of growth to better support the industry. Get ready for some exciting new developments! Please continue reading below for a preview of what’s coming.

Raefer Wallis
Founder and Chairman



Dear friends,

In the past 6 years, RESET has worked tirelessly to explore ways in which we better measure and manage health and sustainability in built environments. I am excited by what lies ahead and would like to take this opportunity to share how we plan to take RESET to the next level:

Expanding the Standards
RESET has been synonymous with air quality, but air quality is just the beginning of our mission to measure the health and sustainability of built environments. To understand how a building is performing, we need to expand data collection to include additional metrics. We are excited to finally be releasing our other monitoring standards, including energy, water, waste, and materials, in the next few months.

Focusing on Tenant Landlord Relationship
No one can achieve health and sustainability goals alone. RESET believes in the shared responsibility between tenant and landlord. To empower this relationship, we will be strengthening the suite of tools to facilitate communication and engagement, with a focus especially around how to leverage data sharing to help both landlords and tenants reach health, sustainability, and ESG goals.

Building the Community
Healthier and more sustainable built environments will require a lot of collaboration between monitor manufactures, software developers, solution providers, researchers, health and sustainability advocates, property developers, and investors. We are keen to invest in building the community by connecting people, highlighting creative and innovative accomplishments, and sharing content and expertise for each other to use.

Diving into Research
It is still early in the age of data-driven healthy and sustainable buildings: there is still so much more to learn. We will be catalyzing research by publicizing research questions, especially focusing around data, and build research collaboration between different entities within the community, including universities, non-profit organizations, and private enterprises.

To solve any problem effectively, we must first measure it. We are excited and optimistic for the future. It has been a pleasure for us at RESET to work with everyone who has helped us get to where we are today. We sincerely look forward to continue growing the wonderful community.

With warm regards,
Stanton Wong