Celebrating M Moser’s Contribution to the RESET Standard

May 31st, 2019 12:20

Over the past few years, M Moser Associates has become one of the world’s most experienced firms in the design and delivery of healthy and highly productive workspaces; a claim that can be backed by raw numbers and third-party assessments that includes LEED, WELL, and RESET among others.


M Moser’s success is largely due to an internal culture that encourages its people to pursue interests that align with the firm’s overall mission of delivering industry best practice. Supported by the leadership of M Moser’s Founder and Chairman, Moira Moser, and Managing Director John Sellery, this type of encouragement has paved the way for best practices in human and environmental health for global clients through projects of all scales. At the helm of these practices is Dr. Christine Bruckner, a tireless and celebrated steward of the industry for over two decades.



The development of the RESET Standard, dating back almost ten years, is closely tied to the culture at M Moser. RESET first launched in 2009 as a scoring methodology for evaluating the health and sustainability of products. The methoodology was used to rank products within GIGAbase, a public database and predecessor to the ORIGIN data hub.


M Moser was one of the earliest firms to publicly share their product library and screen the results through the RESET lens, at a time when product libraries and knowledge were closely guarded by design firms. Like GIGAbase, M Moser believed that openly sharing this data would ultimately help them deliver best practice.


In 2013, RESET began experimenting with a scoring methodology for projects, based on the health and sustainability of products. In presenting the framework, M Moser was the first to volunteer a project to test the methodology, thanks to the commitment of Derek Fung, then-manager of the firm’s sustainability team, giving birth to the RESET Materials Module and ultimately the RESET Standard.


The Materials Modeule was closely followed by the Air Module, pioneerings standards for real-time air quality monitoring; a first in the industry. Once again, M Moser sustainability members, Elaine Fung and others, were the first to pioneer the nascent standard, alongside Glumac.


Scale and systemization of RESET as best practice across projects at M Moser has since been led by Dr. Christine Bruckner, a celebrated steward with over two decades of experience in sustainability and wellness design. Under her leadership, M Moser has trained more RESET Accredited Professionals than any other firm in the world – 69 at the time of writing – spanning the US, UK, India and China, inclusive of Hong Kong. The firm has also designed and delivered the largest volume of RESET-certified projects in the world, including the first RESET-certified interiors projects in Hong Kong and the UK.


Most importantly, M Moser has provided a wealth of constructive expert feedback over the years, gained from actual practice, which has guided the evolution and growth of the RESET Standard.


No other design firm in the world has had as deep an impact on the RESET Standard as M Moser. We are honored and humbled to have had the support of the firm and the incredible individuals who keep it on the leading edge of industry best practice.


To quote Dr Bruckner: “We’re only getting started. With every project, we recognise that there are still so many possibilities to improve human and environmental health for global businesses and their people. Let’s continue to innovate and push boundaries to build greener work environments together.”


Thank you, M Moser!