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The RESET™ and WELL™ v2 Crosswalk

February 14th, 2019 00:00


Streamlined to make dual achievement more attainable, RESET™ and the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI™) are excited to announce the official publication of the WELL v2 – RESET Crosswalk.  This crosswalk outlines the documentation requirements needed to support project teams working on projects globally.


Since the launch of the WELL™ v2 pilot last May, project teams have anxiously awaited clarity on how Features in the WELL v2 Standard align with the requirements as set forth in the RESET Air v2.0 Standards for Commercial Interiors and Core & Shell.  Thanks to the efforts of both the IWBI and RESET teams, this resource is now available for reference.  


According to IWBI, “Crosswalks are an important tool to help project teams identify synergies between different green building certification programs and assist in the efficiency of attaining certification.” 


In addition to the RESET Air and WELL crosswalk, the IWBI has crosswalks for LEED, BREEAM, and Green Star, all available here.


What’s included in the WELL v2 crosswalks?

The WELL v2 crosswalks include:

  1. Tables depicting:
    1. WELL features IWBI has deemed as equivalent to a prerequisite or credit in the corresponding rating system.
    2. WELL features IWBI has deemed aligned with a prerequisite or credit in the corresponding rating system. When features are marked as aligned, they are accompanied by an explanation of the difference between the related requirements.
  2. Guidance on how to submit the final RESET report as documentation for certain WELL features deemed equivalent in the crosswalk (as a replacement of standard WELL documentation).


What the crosswalk does not include:

  • The WELL v2 crosswalks do not include tables demonstrating RESET credits that can be awarded if a WELL Certification is achieved first.


Both RESET™ and WELL™ look forward to seeing these new resources in action for projects who are leading the charge to advance human and environmental sustainability in buildings across the globe.


Access the new crosswalks now to get started!



Other links:

  • Official version of this release may be found here.
  • Access the WELL crosswalks page here.
  • WELL resources may be downloaded from this link.