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Becoming a RESET AP | Alessandro Bisagni, BEE Inc.

November 5th, 2018 15:00


In this new series of articles RESET introduces pioneers from across the globe who have taken up the mission of creating healthier buildings. These individuals have not just decided to become AP’s (Accredited Professionals) themselves, but have extended the standard to their employees, clients and partners, while also integrating it within their core business offerings.


Here’s what Alessandro Bisagni, Founder and Managing Director, BEE, has to say.



What made you decide to pursue becoming a RESET AP?


RESET is the gold standard for air monitoring addressing monitor hardware quality, calibration and maintenance practices, installation locations and data quality. It was valuable for me to become knowledgeable about RESET and invest in becoming a RESET AP in order to be able to apply the standard to ensure the real time air monitoring systems we implement for our projects at BEE are providing accurate data to help ensure healthy indoor environments. 

I am also very honoured to have been selected as one of the first batch of third-party RESET Auditors. Having more Auditors will further increase the uptake of RESET around the world.


What makes the RESET Air Standard different?


BEE works with a number of green building and wellness certification programs including LEED and WELL that have requirements for good indoor air quality, but don’t specify what types of monitors should be deployed, where to install them, how often they must be calibrated, etc. RESET fills this knowledge gap and is also a complimentary certification program because it is the only one in the market based on real time data gathered by monitors. 

About Alessandro Bisagni



Alessandro Bisagni is the Founder and Managing Director of BEE – Bisagni Environmental Enterprise, a sustainability engineering consulting and technology company specializing in the creation of green and healthy buildings.


BEE is a GBCI recognized LEED Proven Provider, part of USGBC’s LEED User Group for Retail, and was voted top 15 LEED Service Provider in China. The company specializes in building simulations, commissioning, green building certification (LEED / WELL / RESET / LBC / HK BEAM / China 3-Star), and cloud-based building data management for ensuring ongoing performance. Alessandro has managed over 200 LEED projects, across 25 countries, with a combined GFA of over 30 million square feet. Alessandro has been recognized by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) as a Top 40 Under 40 professional class of 2016, and Tatler Hong Kong Generation T List class of 2017.


Alessandro graduated from McGill University’s School of the Environment with a specialization in Environmental Economics and Urban Planning. Alessandro is the co-Founder of the Sustainable Buildings Collaborative (SBC) China and current Chairman of Platinum Hong Kong, two professional industry groups whose mission is to spread green building knowledge across Greater China and build ties between local LEED practitioners and the USGBC.


To find out more about BEE’s work visit this link.